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What are the Key take-aways for PPC vs. SEO

What Are The Key Take-Aways For PPC vs. SEO

As a business holder, if you want to keep your website going, the only way is to bring more traffic towards it because traffic is the only thing that makes a website run. However, only some users who visit your website will convert into potential buyers of your products or services. But having colossal traffic can make your website remain at the top and leave behind competitors. Many people think of Seo and PPC strategy when boosting website traffic but often need clarification about which one to use. You can get on the top of a search engine with the help of a Pay-Per-Click campaign or develop a more natural seo marketing strategy through search engine optimization (SEO). However, both methods are effective in increasing the website’s traffic. 

Which one will deliver better results, or is it possible to use both techniques to drive traffic? Give a break to yourself, as first, we will understand the meaning of both terms and understand the difference between SEO and PPC to get your answer. 

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization is optimizing any web pages to get them to rank higher in search engine results. However, organic SEO ensures that search engine spiders understand what is on your web pages so that, ideally, they will rank your site higher than competitors. However, Google keeps changing its algorithm, which could also change your rankings. The SEO will come down to providing a website that adequately explains what the business does and offers helpful content for visitors and Google search crawlers. It can ensure that the website is in good condition by using clean codes and SEO-friendly content. 

However, gaining inbound links from other websites can dictate your link authority and improve your ranking. But you can also focus on- blogging, social media marketing, and online videos. All these are effective ways to gain quality links. 

What Is Pay-Per-Click?

PPC is a type of search engine marketing where a promotor pays a fee when a user clicks on their ad, which is placed on the top of search engine results on SERP. In other words, it is the buying of the user’s visit which is entirely different from organic SEO.

What is the Dissimilarity Between SEO and PPC?

Though there are many differences between SEO and PPC, below are some significant reasons you should know about.

  • The placing in the search engine results page-

The initial few spots are reserved for paid ads, while the organic results occupy the remaining space on the page. The PPC ads are displayed at the top of the SERP above the fold areas. While on the other hand, the SEO results usually take up the space below the paid ads.

  • The placement cost-

In seo vs paid search, the business has to settle for each ad they place on SERP. At the same time, however, the rankings achieved by the content in the SERP are organic. This means that the search engine provides these depending on the value they provide customers. In contrast, organic SEO is entirely the opposite because it is free.

  • The space occupied in the SERP-

The paid ads occupy the prime space on the SERP because they appear right on the top and are usually the first thing the user sees. While on the other hand, the amount of space occupied by the organic search results is much more than that, and it also offers extensive information in the form of Maps, FAQs, and Snippets.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of SEO:

Now let’s move on to discuss the pros and cons of SEO.

SEO pros-

  • SEO is cost-effective compared to the other marketing techniques as it is challenging and at a bargain.
  • Organic SEO results are long-lasting; although they take time, you can be sure they grow timely as the results start streaming in.
  • Most users do not go for paid ads and trust search engines to bring organic results for their search inquiries. This develops trust and reputation for your brand.
  • As SEO is free, the ROI is much higher than PPC.
  • Organic SEO offers a better cost-per-click as there are no charges for each click.

SEO cons-

  • The only con of SEO is that it is time-consuming because organic SEO takes time to display results. 
  • SEO demands unique and reliable content, so if you want people to read, share and link to your website, you should be seen as an authority on the subject.
  • SEO is one of many solutions for all your marketing trouble. It is a continuous process and will work only in your favour if you keep up with it.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of PPC:

PPC pros-

  • As Google places the paid ads above organic search results, it provides and improves PPC visibility.
  • With the help of PPC, it is always possible to target customers using the correct keywords, brands, language, demographics, location, device and more.
  • PPC is an efficient tool when it comes to increasing your page ranking. We have seen paid ads, but whether or not you click on them, they are present right above the fold areas on SERPS.
  • PPC has complete control over the marketing strategy. You can decide what keywords to include, the CTA, pricing and landing page.
  • You can increase the recall value and CTR when you select visual ads.
  • Once the PPC campaign appears, you can see frequent clicks, traffic, and conversion results.

PPC cons-

  • PPC demands continuous investment the moment you stop investing money in paid ads, you will observe a decline in traffic, clicks, and conversions. 
  • Even now, some people are suspicious of paid ads and do not trust them.
  • The ROI might not be as encouraging as you think because you will need to invest more money to get money.

Which One Is Better For Your Business? (SEO vs PPC)

Choosing a marketing strategy between SEO and PPC usually depends on your business goal, growth plan, and other marketing strategies. However, if you wish to see instant clicks, conversion, and traffic, then you should go for paid ads, while organic SEO should also be on your priority list if you have a long-term goal. Your long-term objectives should include brand credibility, exposure, and scalability within your budget. 

Combining SEO and PPC to work as a marketing strategy to achieve the common goal is also advised. You will need to follow some techniques to get better results from this. The primary thing you can do is to obtain keyword and conversion data from PPC and include it in your organic SEO. When you purchase paid ads for high-ranking keywords and optimize your organic content for the same, you get higher chances of leading at the top of SERP. When you combine SEO, PPC will allow you to remarket your products and services to people who have previously visited your website but stopped making a purchase.

 Final Thoughts:

SEO and PPC are both a part of the Search Engine Marketing technique, and both can be used to promote your business online. In the above blog, we have discussed the meaning and advantages of SEO and PPC to get an idea of which strategy you can use for your business. However, you can use both techniques together to get better results. 

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