UI & UX design

When we talk about UI, it is generally about buttons, icons, screens, and other visual elements that help you interact with an app, websites and other electronic devices. UX mainly includes products and their descriptions and is mainly based on such interaction. While UI can certainly impact UX, the two are distinct, as are the roles designers play. Read the rest of the section, and you will learn about these two broadly.

Difference between UI and UX

To make the best out of a project given to you means simply offering the best UI and UX. If you are on to create a good banking app that also looks great, then it has smooth working, intuitive navigation. At the same time, if you wish to create a program that opens (n) a number of screens to transfer money, it shows the work of UX here.

UX Designing  

UX designers’ main priority is to deliver users the best experience through their work skills. The main purpose is to give the user great accessible, functional and enjoyable products. UX can be applied to non-digital products, for instance, in a transportation system. These are some of the common tasks that take place in UX designing:

  • It takes user research to identify goals, behaviours, needs, and pain points, including product interaction. 
  • This mainly includes making user journey maps to easily analyze customer interactions through products. 
  • The final product should look like building wireframes and prototypes. 
  • UX uses user testing to validate all the design decisions to identify problems. 
  •  UX designers mainly work on collaborating with UI designers, stakeholders and developers. 

UI Designing

A UI designer’s core work is making websites and apps look more appealing and user-friendly. UI designers’ main work is to work on websites, mobile applications and devices; these are some main front jobs that UI designers always work on. Unlike UX, it can easily be applied to a product, and their services UI basically works over digital products. Here are some tasks that include UI designers:

  • Page layouts are the first thing a UX designer starts working with.  
  • Choosing the right colour palettes and fonts is crucial to this job.
  • Elements like buttons, drop-down menus, toggles, and text fields are some interactive elements designers work with. 
  • This job profile includes high-fidelity wireframes, which include designs.
  • UX designers work closely with developers because they need to work on particular designs that significantly impact users.  

Why should you choose IT Dwell if you need UI & UX-related help?

Here at IT Dwell, we believe in giving the best services when it comes to UI & UX designing. Our company is a digital agency that believes in transforming along with innovations. Our goal is to present you with the best software you and your brand deserves. Our experts will show you with best user-friendly, aesthetic consumer applications. Our experts will provide you with the following:

Compelling designs

Our sole aim is to understand and offer our clients as per thier desires and demands.

Formulate trust

Working under given guidelines and timelines and fulfilling deadlines are some of the major aspects of working in such a profession. So we always try to win over our clients through our work and deliver the best performance.

Out-of-the-box thinking

Under our organization, we believe that keeping no boundaries/barriers is our top policy while working on such policies. While working, no barriers help our creative team of experts think big and come up with great ideas for such projects.

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