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Top Ways to Increase Your Search Engine Ranking on Google

Top Ways to Increase Your Search Engine Ranking on Google

Nowadays, people search everything on google, which makes it essential for business owners and service providers to optimize their websites to improve their search engine ranking. The best search engine ranking will help your business and services to grow and gain new leads. Although with the help of a few practices like appropriate keyword research, link building, and on-page seo principles, mobile-friendly web pages can help a website achieve a higher ranking in the search engine. As a business owner or service provider, you must focus on organic search so that more visitors or customers can find you. If you think about how to appear on google, organic search results are a powerful tool that can attract massive traffic to your website, making it vital to become high-ranking in organic search. If you are a tech person, you might have heard about the recent google update regarding helpful content updates that purely focuses on people-first content. On this page, we will discuss some of the best tips to increase your website ranking on google to ensure that more targeted users can reach you. 

Ways To Increase Your Search Engine Ranking On Google:

Below are the best ways to solve your query of how to rank high on google. You can use it if you seek to get a higher ranking on search engines on google. 

  • Refresh your content often-

Some of you might be unaware, but when you often update and refresh your content, search engines will more often crawl your website. The more this happens, the more frequently new content will be discovered, and ultimately you will be able to achieve a higher ranking. However, there are certain through which you can update your content daily, which includes- information about new products or services, client testimonial and success stories, videos regarding products and organization news. In addition, remember to review your existing content in a specific period so that you can delete old and outdated content that is no longer relevant. 

Blogs: Blogs are another valuable way to refresh and update your content. However, the essential element of blogging is having relevant posts and adding new content. Whenever you add a blog post, a new index page is created that helps search engine optimization. A great way to try is blogging about industry-related topics and products using relevant and high-ranking keywords. After a specific period, update your old posts and repost them to get new content. A well-written blog post can appear in searches for years.

  • Prioritize Link Building-

Link building is another helpful way to get google first-page ranking using internal and external links. Internal linking boosts users to click on anchor text found on the page and then read other things published on the website. Google also crawls these links while exploring sites to find out new pages. This means you need to focus on selecting relevant keywords as your anchor text so the readers can know what content they will find on the linked page. 

On the other hand, external links spot pages not in your web domain but should be authoritative sites like government websites, education institutions, or any reputable news and publication website. 

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  • Develop High-quality content-

The latest google update regarding content is to create human content, not promotional or information-based content. That’s why Google has shared a few questions to ensure the content is reader-focused: are the viewers satisfied with the content? Will the readers learn something from your content? Does your content exhibit first-hand knowledge and experience of your product or service? Does your website have a target audience? The content writing is to help people or to gain ranking? 

You must include content on your website not because it is relevant to your business or service but because you want users to visit it repeatedly. That’s why you must write informative, relevant, and helpful content for your readers. Content writing is the most affordable search engine ranking method to gain organic traffic. 

  • Optimize on-page seo-

 Some additional elements of on-page seo can help with search engine ranking. These elements include videos and images which offer more information to enable readers to understand the topic better. However, you can also improve your website’s google ranking by using seo-friendly videos and images. 

Meta description and tags are another effective seo tool that can help you to improve your search engine ranking. Although meta tags don’t display on your webpage, they can tell search engines about your page. But google can display your meta on the search engine results page. You must provide a clear image of what the content on your webpage is about, including the focused keyword. 

Headers are another form to improve your website’s google ranking. Headings can help your web page style as headings have more weightage with google ranking because they make it easy for users to scan a page. However, subheadings are also helpful for search engine ranking because they organize the web page. The primary heading is known as the H1 tag, which is the first element a visitor sees.

  • Work on page loading time-

You can use google’s page speed insight to check your website’s loading time. When your website takes a long time to load, Google will immediately recognize this and lower your site’s ranking. Moreover, users will soon leave after having a bad experience which will also increase your bounce rate. Some factors affect the page loading time, including page size with large fonts and images, an issue with content management system plugins and insufficient bandwidth.

  • Make sure your website is mobile-friendly-

Most of the internet traffic drives by mobile devices, which makes it a compulsion to develop a mobile-friendly website to rank higher. To know whether your website is mobile-friendly or not, you can use google’s mobile-friendly test, which will tell you whether your site is mobile-friendly or needs any improvements. 

To make a website mobile-friendly, avoid flash images and animation because they do not support mobile devices. Keep a limit on pictures and their size to improve loading time, use larger fonts that are easily readable, focus on single designs, and test your site more often on mobile devices to ensure it supports and runs correctly. 

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/_LG6-LuBXaQ 

How Long Does It Take To Improve Search Engine Ranking On Google?

The only answer to this question is that it needs more time to improve ranking, and one must expect a timely result. However, in some cases, one can see results in a few weeks; in other situations, it can take a few months. Ranking on google can take time anywhere from three to six months. Even if you put efforts into launching a website and content that is fruitful for viewers keeping in mind all the seo elements, it will still take time for google to crawl and index the website. 


Improving your website’s search engine ranking on google is a more than one-day task as it demands appropriate time and effort. In the above blog, we have mentioned all the best possible ways to help your website come up in the top-ranking list. But sometimes even after trying all the efforts, staying at the top of google’s ranking can take time and effort. The effective practice is to stay updated with google updates and make changes to your website according to it. In a few weeks or months, you can see positive results. 

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