A Cannabis Marketing Case Study: How This Dispensary Generated Buzz In B2C

Not able to reach your audience potentially? The reason could be your poor SEO strategy. 

This is the story of how a Bay Area cannabis dispensary elevated
its marketing strategy
to reach its target audience and generate quality leads by creating a portfolio of marketing tactics.

Widespread, linking media coverage for an B2C cannabis dispensary increases website visibility and traffic. The website for which we are working for holds the best luxury cannabis in their store. They became a part of our ITDwell family in January 2021. as clients came up with requirements, which we took into consideration and worked over it.  

Let’s understand the whole process with a case study of a client we worked with.

  • The Client

Being one of the trusted companies in the  Arizona USA, the client specializes in both recreational and medical cannabis. The website received amazing responses offline. It can be pretty disheartening when significant traffic doesn’t lead to an equally major spike in sales. However, their website encountered several concerns related to web speed, low visitors, irrelevant keyword targeting, and Poor SEO.

Client Concern should be a top priority: 

The store is the most trusted shop in Arizona. Their store is running great, but their website has a poor online presence and performance, which was a significant concern. They are seeking to provide services to potential customers across the world. But this goal seems to be lacking due to fewer visitors, poor SEO, page speed etc. 

However, stores like this can further grow if their online business starts growing and they can get quality leads. My work is to understand their problems which need to be fixed, which lead me to certain challenges. 

  • The Objective

They wanted to make it easier for their target audience and patients to find them and convert. To help the client achieve this goal, we needed to improve their overall digital visibility and earn widespread visibility, and digital placements for their brand.

We decide to prepare an audit report:

We did a proper website screening to find all possible technical issues. Once you know the problems, it is easy to deal with them, which is why we decided to prepare a rough audit report consisting of all problems inside the project we were working on. The critical points are mentioned below:

Apart from these major issues, we focused on other minor problems. After making the audit report, the goal was to make a plan and follow the strategy accordingly.  

Difficulty We faced In The Process: 

  • It is a retail shop that provides cannabis; not many websites provide a direct link to such topics. So our greatest challenge was to get quality backlinks.
  • There are many websites that either remove such links or treat such web links as spam because the website falls under a restricted category.
  • Also, the website needs good SEO and traffic. It was indeed sad to see such good business having poor reach over the audience. 
  • It is not so easy to rank keywords related to marijuana, cannabis, weed, etc but we did our best and made them ranked with high volume and position (most of them got 1st or 2nd position). 


  • Immediate Actions We Have Taken After Knowing The Concern: 

  • We focused on optimizing the web pages so that we could improve the rankings.
  • Broken links were also a problem, so we fixed them too. 
  • Meta details optimization was also a problem. 
  • Our strategy was to analyze the competitors and see their link-building patterns. 
  • Internal linking was on our radar, too, which we worked on. 
  • Optimizing the website speed.
  • Reducing the bounce rate and improving CTR.

  • Takeaway Thoughts on Cannabis

The client experienced a 75% increase in the total number of linking unique domains to their website Within 13 months. As a result of our digital PR initiatives and on-page SEO work, impressions increased consistently month-over-month, driving more eyes to their brand, services, and website.

It indeed is a long evolutionary process we worked on, We use different tactics; to Deliver the best to our clients, and the results are quite impressive. The growth in the graph says all about my work; we followed the checklists we were supposed to work on. 

When we talk about ranking factors Google considers a robust backlink profile that can significantly improve a website’s visibility in search.  So if you have any issues regarding your website or SEO, you can go through my past experiences and case studies.

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