Pay Per Click(PPC)

Pay per click is an online mode of advertising where pay generates whenever the user clicks on the advertisements. There are few types of PPC, but the most common among them is the paid search advertising. These advertisements pop up when the user looks for things to buy online using a search engine. This search could be anything from mobile search, local search, or gifting search.
PPC has been proved efficient and a cost-effective way to digital marketing strategies. These advertisements let people know the brand offerings and the right people at the right time and place. PPC has been efficient in laser targeting the visibility to speed up the customer rate, which helps in boosting the sales of your products and services.

Types Of PPC IT Dwell Majorly Works At:

PPC is widely used to create brand awareness, promote brand offerings, and gain positive responses from the targeted audience. Our creative team who deals with PPC and serve these following different types of PPC, so that our clients can look out for their particular needs as per their desire.

Search ads

these types of ads appear when users are already looking for your industry or brand offerings

Display ads

these appear for users who have already visited brand-related sites.

Social ads

this is one of the rapidly growing segments that appear on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.

Remarketing ads

this is one of the best ways to double your turnover and bring high sales to your brand.

Shopping ads by google

these types of ads are ideal for brand websites that deal with a large number of products

Instream ads

these are also known as youtube ads; these uniquely advertise your brands with a natural break in the video content

Local service ads

these are pay per lead advertisements, which means you will be charged when you generate lead from the advertisements

Amazon PPC ads

These allow amazon sellers to generate awareness about the brand and promote their sales.

How At IT Dwell We Deal With Project Related To PPC 

We can help you discover opportunities to optimize your account, adjust your budget according to your goals, and design your advertisements accordingly. We are keen observers. Hence we can help you determine the stages when you need immediate action to yield better results. We can help you discover keywords, identify negative keywords to protect you from wasted advertising budgets, improve the quality of your advertisements, and create relevant landing pages. 

Here at IT Dwell, we have a qualified team of PPC experts; these certified, passionate members have the best knowledge and experience, which offers the best-paid advertising. These are professionals in positioning links and web pages for promoting your product or services to increase your website traffic. PPC advertising campaigns give you dual advantages, including strategic placement and immediate visibility. Through PPC, customers can get the advantage of easy/quick visibility and strategic placement. Our experts have their own process and strategies after running a full analysis. 

Our creative team at IT Dwell works to give the best optimized paid advertising campaigns through multiple search engines, for instance, Facebook, Bing, Google Adword, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms. 

We give PPC services that are result-oriented and effective; meanwhile, you will find them some of the most reasonable among others in the market. Here are some reasons why you should pick our PPC services based on the benefits you will get from our PPC services: 

We maintain our momentum throughout the process:

PPC advertisements can be instigated in a short period of time. We do it to generate specific targeted traffic and quality leads to clients’ websites. 

Greater visibility

Our goal while doing PPC advertisement is to increase online visibility and establishment. We help businesses and brands to grow their business with more patrons through our strategic PPC campaign. 

Area-wise targeted ads

Managing PPC ads per certain geographical areas is now a major advertising sector. Our experts will be targeting ads in the city, country or state-wise, which will help businesses to increase their visibility and get more potential customers in a certain area. 

Maximized Return On Investment

We make sure our strategies applied to a marketing campaign can increase clicks per advertisement which can benefit our clients to get maximum ROI. Also, in parallel, the website traffic will go exponentially on the graph is our priority too.

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