If you’re running an eCommerce business, analyzing your website and revealing bugs in the funnel usually get pushed to the bottom of your to-do list. Let’s face it with the help of this case study.

Bird feeder website is a Florida-based brand selling a wide selection of window bird feeders. They became a part of the ITDwell family in January 2021.

Client Concerns

Being one of the trusted companies in the USA, the Bird feeder website received a good offline response. However, their website encountered several concerns related to web speed, low visitors, irrelevant keyword targeting, and Poor SEO.

It can be pretty disheartening when significant traffic doesn’t lead to an equally major spike in sales.

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A common problem was prospects exiting the page before completing their order. Usually, we’ve all done it before.

The ITDwell team understood this problem and helped them with a tailored digital experience.

With the growing online shopping market, It has become essential that brands like the Bird feeder website don’t fall behind.


Though the website was already online, it had all the challenges equivalent to a new website. None of the keywords were ranking in the top10 positions. Initially, this website was ranking for 2.4K keywords (irrelevant), had 196 visitors (monthly traffic), and 477 backlinks. Additionally, the conversation rate was relatively poor.


The main aim was to drive good traffic on the website (gain leads) and convert them. These visitors can be bird watchers, people keen to know about birds, or people searching for bird feeding products and converting those visitors into buyers.

Audit- We did a proper website screening to find all possible technical issues. The critical points are mentioned below:

  • Irrelevant Keywords targeting
  • No content was available on the website to engage visitors
  • Multiple-use of H1/H2 tags
  • A lot of broken links
  • Increased website load time
  • Heavy Page size
  • Improper CRO strategies and many more.


The website had almost everything to be fixed. After auditing and planning, We started improving the SEO On page.

  • Optimizing the web pages for improving the rankings.
  • Fixing broken links
  • Optimizing meta details
  • Analyzing the competitors and link building pattern followed by them
  • Internal Linking Strategy Planning
  • Optimizing the website speed
  • Content planning and management (refer attached screenshot)

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  • Reducing the bounce rates
  • Quality link building to increase conversions
  • Search console and analytics monitoring to identify the patterns


After our enormous efforts, the Bird feeder website became engaging, and page load was no longer an issue. The store received a higher purchase conversion rate on mobile and a drastically reduced mobile cart abandonment rate.

Our main target was the USA-based audience that we achieved.

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One can see progress in the attached screenshots—a beautiful journey from 196 to 9000+ monthly visitors.

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