Link Building

If you wonder, despite having a social media presence exposing your business to digital marketing, why you are not getting any recognition on the platform, then it is mainly due to a poor link-building strategy. Link building is a process of generating links from an authoritative, reputable website to your company’s website or social media platform.

If you think about why these link generations are important, you might have gotten your answer as an organisation or company. Link building simply means bringing links back to your website; this is a fundamentally important task/step if you want effective search engine optimization.

How Does Link Building Work?

You could have a huge number of backlinks, but only a few of them must be credible and of a high-quality website. You can find multiple spammy or irrelevant sites that won’t help increase your website’s rank.

There are multiple ways to develop backlinks; here are some steps among them all:

  • Through guest blogging
  • Social media promotions are one of the best ways
  • Also, Pursuing competitors’ backlinks is beneficial too.

How We Work On Link Building Process In Order To Increase Your Companies Insights And Reach

Here at IT Dwell, we focus mainly focus on these three types of link-building methods or strategies:

No-follow vs. Follow 

No-follow links are basically operated in case you want another website’s link but at the same time you.

No-follow links are normally used when you are looking to link to another website but don’t want to tell Google to crawl that site. There are two reasons to use no-follow links:

  • When you want to link to a higher authorised site but at the same time does not want to advocate for it.
  • At times you might get some good beneficial links. Google introduced rel= “ugc”; these are tagged “sponsored” separately. These are used as paid or prosperous links. It generally includes ass, affiliate links, banner ads, sponsored content, etc.

Although no-follow does not go through authority directly, your business will get referral traffic and brand recognition.

On the other hand, there could be conditions when your business might just require follow-links due to certain reasons. Then our SEO team expert will go accordingly. These are the following cases why you might need to go with follow-links:

  • To get through authority to an authentic and trusted website.
  • If you want the search engine bots to give credibility to your content.

Organic Links From Other Blogs Or Sites

Organic or natural links generate through readers when any reader/visitor comes to your website that includes any link on any such blog on that following website without any permission or authority. You do not need to ask for any backlinks on such webmasters. Not all links are generally sponsored or paid content; these natural links are without any tracking parameters. They are usually submerged in another blogger’s or webmaster’s content to add value to the following content.

Mostly the links you see in videos, posts, blogs, images and other stuff listed on any other website are natural/organic links. A natural link is considered a “good link, ” considered one of the safest link-building methods. Also, natural links are one of the best methods through which you can promote your website or blog under it.

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