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How to define the best platform for your website

How To Determine The Best Platform For Your Website

Website designing is more than selecting the font and colour for website pages. Here you might feel overconfident that you know all the aspects of designing an ultimate website, but the truth is that you must determine ‘what’ and ‘how’ elements in terms of what the website offers and how it is created. To understand this, we will describe some essential steps that you must take to stand out from the crowd. 

To develop your website, you need to focus on building a website’s foundation. This means you must start by choosing the correct platforms and Content Management System (CMS) to make your website perform its best. Although many business owners use a custom-made CMS, there are better choices than this one. Instead, you can look for already existing ones. At the same time, it is challenging to choose the best platform for website design that can fulfil all your requirements. 

It is a fact that most visitors will leave your site if they find it unattractive or when the site breaks down too often. So in this blog post, we will find a perfect guide about the best website platform and understand how you can create an ideal website for your business. 

How To Find Out The Best Platform For Your Website?

While selecting the best platform for your website, we advise you to take your time and choose the best one. We have mentioned some steps below that can help you find an ideal site match.

  • Focus on your requirements-

Before you jump on CMS, you must determine what you want from them. The platform should allow online payment. What type of icons should it support? Is it an eCommerce site? These are some of the questions you must ask yourself to develop a well-structured list of your requirements. 

  • Set a clear objective and strategy-

It might sound very dull, but before you jump on website designing, you need to be clear about its purpose, which means instead of focusing on industry trends, you should start thinking about your USP (Unique Selling Point) and how you come across it. A perfect landing page is focused on a single product or service and a soft focus on CTA (Call-to-Action). However, it is essential to set clear and meaningful goals to move your focus towards the visitors’ activity.

  • Choose the correct platform-

The best professional agency is the first thing that strikes to mind while building a great website. However, the top companies do a great job by themselves, but other options are website builders and e-commerce platforms. Both platforms allow you to create and design your website without having little or no coding knowledge. 

  • Select a theme or template-

If you want to make your website look simple yet attractive, then you can choose a specific theme or a premium template that can be defined as unique, but it must also vibe with your business. Themes and templates portray from the colour scheme to how your homepage header and the menu bar will look like. These templates and articles help you to get a structure for your website. However, you can design it according to your website without hiring a designer. 

  • Focus on your website elements-

When choosing for website design, you will be required to look at all the essential elements that significantly impact your website. This can include the colour scheme, font style of the content, and visualization. Majorly the colour scheme is an excellent tool for communicating with visitors because there is human psychology behind every colour, and also, the font style matters. After all, any user will also look at the site’s content.

Best Web Building Platforms To Choose From:

Below we are presenting a list of different website platforms available in the market that have their speciality and uniqueness. 

  • Custom PHP-

Custom PHP is the most commonly used programming language across the internet when developing the backend. It is free and open source, making it an ideal choice for new business owners and start-ups. Since it upgrades frequently, you will keep getting new features to include in your website and ensure that it is up-to-date. 

  • WordPress-

WordPress is the platform that will come first in the mind of people if you ask them about website-building media. It has earned its popularity with its easy-to-use backend and a wide range of templates. In addition, you can also customize your WordPress backend using different kinds of plugins.

  • Shopify-

If you want to develop an eCommerce website, then Shopify is the best platform. It is among the most trusted website designing platforms that help you to create the best virtual shop for your products.

  • Wix-

Wix is a website designing platform which is gaining popularity frequently among new businesses. It is popular because you do not have to enter a single code. Instead, it just uses a drag-and-drop function for its features. 

  • Joomla-

Joomla is the perfect alternative for Drupal because it is advanced and less complicated. Brought in 2005, it is a website platform used for social and e-commerce sites. Joomla offers you the freedom to operate on a large scale without being technical.

  • Drupal-

Drupal is similar to WordPress but offers better security. It is a large-scale platform that allows you to manage your content in the backend while maintaining a clear and logical front end. So if you own a website with a lot of information, you must choose Drupal. However, for newcomers, it might not seem very easy at first.

  • Magento-

Business owners with growing eCommerce businesses must choose a scalable platform. This way, they can expand without facing significant issues. Magneto offers immense versatility, real-time sales, product tracking and advanced SEO features. 

  • Squarespace-

If your business model requires something visually pleasing but attractive, go for Squarespace. The platform allows you to portray your portfolio, run e-commerce sites and many more. Moreover, its enticing templates are designed for almost every type of requirement. This is why many would answer Squarespace when asked about what is the best web design platform.

  • Weebly-

If you want to visualize your website as you design it, Weebly offers the ideal platform; it has an editor that allows you to drag and drop different elements and build your perfect website. It provides an array of themes and templates to fulfil every need, along with several other benefits. 

Final Thoughts:

In the above blog, we have mentioned all the essential information about website design platforms you can use to create your website. All these platforms have features and specialities that can be used to develop websites on different themes. I hope you find this blog helpful. 

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