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How Do Online Reviews Affect Your Search Engine Rankings

In this era of digitalization, you can find any business with just simple typing about it on your search engine. The article title is “how do online reviews affect your search engine ranking” for that, we should ask the question, “Do reviews really affect your brand values” and “how much, if they really do.” When you have your own business, that means you need to fulfil these columns of “reputation management”, and getting reviews and leaving satisfaction in your customers’ minds is important. Before going to any place, we all like to know about its services which is why we check the reviews section in it. The same is the case with any product you are buying; customers tend to check reviews of everything.

Combining good reviews and great customer service makes the best of the brand value, but if you provide below-the-level service to even a single customer, then it’s gonna be added to your business profile. When potential buyers or customers visit your page, the negative review will affect their thoughts about your product/brand/business. According to research and studies, around 73 per cent of customers tend to stop shopping from the same brand or business partner after a bad experience. And your brand/business/product will be referred to others if you provide up-to-the-mark services. In the digital era, businesses give platforms to share your views as reviews on their profile. Both negative and positive reviews are important, bad ones will further let them know what to improve, and good ones will help others to know about the particular product or business.     

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Benefits Of Customer Reviews

Social platforms have started a new field in marketing and communication; in the early days, it was word-of-mouth marketing. But now people search for any product in their search engines first to know about its quality and check the reviews. This potential influences consumers and helps any particular business to grow. Let’s see “how important are google reviews” and what role they play in the growth of any business.  

Customer understanding and scope of improvement: 

Customer reviews help a company or any business to understand the overall service they are providing. When you leave your reviews, it is basically feedback regarding the services they provide. Good reviews help businesses grow on personal and professional levels. Further improvements are made in any organisation using these insights, details, and information as input. Thereby creating a positive experience for the consumer and keeping your focus on their needs should be the greatest focus. 


No matter where we are going or what we are buying, we all like to check previous reviews given by others. Our decision depends on what people say about it, which is indeed important because what if the product’s reviews were bad, but we ignored it and later regret making opposite decisions about it. So in simple words, reviews provide credibility, and your reviews might be credible for others too. 

Value to consumers’ voice and generate customer loyalty:

In a busy schedule and hectic daily life, if someone is leaving their reviews for your business, it means either your work is appreciable or else they don’t like it at all. Buyers/customers who tend to leave good reviews from a loyal relationship with you, and there is a high possibility they will recommend you to someone of their known people too. This factor further helps the business to grow. Also, customers can complain about bad service or products on an open platform which will help other buyers and will give the scope for improvement to the brand/business too.

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Helps your SEO ranking:

Customer reviews play a vital role in local searches; it helps organisations/brands/business to rank well despite their low-quality link profiles. Research pages with reviews that mention the keyword or city’s name are ranked higher in their local Google pack. So this is how customers’ google reviews seo help businesses to grow.

Free marketing:

Positive online reviews mean great business services; they can do great work for you that even a marketing campaign can’t do for you. Reviews act as a micro-marketing campaign which further gives potential customers a green flag for their brands and products. 

Reviews Are One Of The Factors Determining Organic Local Search Rankings

Reviews have been a major part of search algorithms; google itself mentions that reviews play a significant role in high search engine ranking. Several marketers and SEO professionals have crafted strategies to improve local SEO performance.   

Google local searches work on the “local pack”, which shows location/maps-based results that contain highly ranked businesses based on several factors. These factors determine the local ranking of a business listed on the profiles like “google my business” profile, and ranking is one factor that decides your ranking on the top page. Online customer reviews give around 13 per cent to the local pack; this is how reviews affect google reviews. 

Does google reviews help seo? Well, if you have read the article till now, then you did get an idea that, yes, reviews play an important role in SEO. As per Moz, your business/brand value depends on 7 per cent of the organic results you evolve. Google has released an official statement: “Local search ranking involves review count, and score and positive ratings do improve local business’s ranking.” This explains that a customer possesses a lot of power, which also reflects on the local SEO landscape. Your positive views and rating can help a business to grow even if the business is not much established on the local pack. That is why marketing involves active online reviews that help their business do better in searches.  

In A Nutshell: 

To bring your business on social media platforms is one of the essential tasks. This way, you will be able to reach a wider audience which will further grow your business. Meanwhile, reviews play a crucial role when it comes to increasing local searches on respective search engines. The article written above explains how and why reviews matter to a business. 

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