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5 Huge Benefits of Marketing Automation : Full Guide

5 Huge Benefits of Marketing Automation: Full Guide

Marketing automation has become popular since the outset of product promotion, advertising, and refining customer relationships. For digital professionals, automation marketing strategy is not a new thing that has only appeared suddenly. Marketing automation emerged with the advancement of technology and the demand for tools such as data analytics, emails, and marketing management. These automation tools were conducted on email marketing to reach and engage customers. But with the growth of digital, it took a little while before the industry started innovating. Soon, you will find yourself with SaaS solutions offering all-in-one marketing and sales automation platforms. 

One should not be surprised looking at how impactful marketing automation has become at the moment when you have been immersed in the industry for a considerable time. An average of 50 per cent of organizations in the US have been using marketing automation, with 58 percent of B2B companies looking to introduce some automated marketing technology. In this blog, we will discuss why marketing automation is important and why you need it.

5 Amazing Benefits Of Marketing Automation:

Sales and marketing automation software introduces a chain of tools and features that usually serves to make marketing tasks, whether online or offline. These tasks include customer lists, maintaining a client database, carrying out audience segmentation, marketing campaigns, emails, newsletters, promos, updates, and many others. Below mentioned are the benefits of marketing automation that can convenience you. 

  • It enables sales and marketing alignment-

The amount of time you will save with the help of marketing automation can reduce staffing costs and reallocate more frequency towards the high-impact work that matters, like strategizing and aligning sales and marketing goals. For example, as a digital marketer, you can work with the manual posting of marketing collateral for social media campaigns because of automated and scheduled posts. However, it doesn’t stop here as you need to save more time with the capability to create content like landing pages and blog posts and work on other marketing campaigns. With integrated sales and marketing objectives, your automation for small business gets a better chance of achieving company goals. 

  • It empowers the completion of tailored marketing strategies-

With more staff released by automation, your marketing team will have sufficient time to create more personalized marketing strategies. It can involve having more time to study the brand and determine its differences in developing its buyer identity, building an audience, and developing various marketing campaigns. This could be explained with the help of an example; through digital marketing e-commerce, you can create automated ad campaigns that target your leads at every stage of the sales, whether it is awareness, interest, desire, or action. You can set up your campaign’s budget and audience and then can wait for leads to come up. Observe the results, make the required changes to fit the business branding, and effectively reach the targeted audience.

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  •  Marketing automation can handle a high volume of data storage and management for reporting and analytics-

Most marketing automation platforms can update web data, such as leads, traffic and any other type of engagement on your e-commerce site. With easy data, you can generate automated reports that simplify the collection of separate tasks. This also means that only you get an accurate source of truth regarding data. Still, the business is provided with an overview of all the figures that can influence the business goals, process and campaign strategies. 

  • Marketing automation allows for scalability-

Implementing marketing automation may need more capacity to replace the human mind. Still, it does have the tireless capability to execute repetitive tasks without failing, which makes it the perfect tool for expanding operations on demand. So, when there is a need for the business to scale up the workforce for more critical tasks and time-consuming processes, automation tools exist to offer your business an opportunity. 

  • It permits increased conversion rates-

Marketing automation platforms enable us to develop leads and increase conversions. From email marketing campaigns and monitoring their performance, having an automation solution makes it easier and more effective to target audiences and customers. With the help of powerful marketing automation software, you can record leads and launch remarketing campaigns to optimize your conversion rate. Marketing automation provides the tools and frees up the workforce for the marketing team to analyse the data and implement the campaigns. 

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How To Choose The Correct Marketing Automation Software?

Before deciding on the marketing automation software, follow the below information.

  • What are your goals? What process can you automate to save time and boost productivity?
  • Which techniques will increase your ROI? Once you have a clear image of your dreams, you must create a marketing budget.
  • It would help if you described your buyer persona before implementing marketing automation. 
  • What does your audience want? What do they want? What are your client’s requirements? 
  • What data do you have? A condition sets automation in motion, so you will need to list data points you can use and act accordingly. 
  • What is your plan? An important goal in introducing automation into business is the sequence of actions. List out your steps and what you will do to get sufficient time to test them. 

Things You Can Do Right Away:

Any opportunity in marketing automation can open up new ways in your operations. If your business has yet to take a bounce and you are hesitating about accepting any marketing automation software, then here are a few things you can follow-

  • Search for the best automation marketing tool-

If you search on google, you can find a massive list of tools with a set of features, which will confuse you to choose the best one. Here are some of the best tools from which you can select the best for your business- Hubspot, Adobe Experience Cloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Active Campaign, and Salesforce Pardot.

  • Develop personalized content-

 Users today are more curious about advertising and increasingly opposed to anything that tries to sell them unrelated products and services. Focusing on content creation can help you to go a long way in attracting your targeted audience to feel seen and appreciated.

  • Include chatbots in your site’s customer service platforms-

AI chatbot is an example of marketing automation with personalized customer service and incorporating platforms like social media pages that can provide 24*7 customer service. 


Marketing automation is indeed shaping industry processes and innovating the way marketers used to do things. However, every marketing campaign will need the involvement of a human element in analyzing and strategizing. However, to gain the maximum benefit from automation, the collective work of all services is necessary. Many programs easily support integration with other services. There are also tool kits that you can purchase at once, but the best option would be to seek help from professional developers who can help with creating and configuring service automation. Marketing automation is suitable for all areas of business and companies of any size. Implementing marketing automation is a step forward in business development and gaining a competitive advantage. 

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